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5 Great Dates for When You're Stuck Indoors

Hey friends! If you haven’t noticed (and of course you have) things are really crazy out there. If you’re not staying indoors because LA weather lately has been incredibly dreary, then you’re probably staying in to help slow the spread of coronavirus. Guys, I think we can all agree these are not fun times.

Since we’re all stuck indoors, I thought I’d try to make the most of the situation by sharing a few awesome date ideas that you can enjoy without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Hang in there, friends!

Have an Escape Room Adventure

Since you can’t literally escape right now, an at-home escape room could be the next best thing! Games like Exit: The Game, Unlock!, and Escape Room in a Box have super fun games you can play at home. Exit even has an app you can use to play a spooky soundtrack and time yourselves.

Don’t want to wait for shipping? If you have an Echo Dot or other Alexa-enabled device, you can play an escape game right on your device. Download the free Escape the Room app and play through any of their 4 games! (They also do Escape the Airplane if you’re looking for more!)

Host Your Own Chef Competition

You’re probably already trying to figure out what kind of meals you can make with what’s currently in your pantry and fridge, why not turn it into an event? Take inspiration from shows like Top Chef or Chopped and create your own at-home challenges. For inspiration, check out this guide from FoodFu: How to Play Chopped at Home.

Take a Dance Class

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to dance, this is your opportunity! There are loads of instructional dance videos available on Youtube. Get into your favorite workout clothes—or heck, get into your PJs, you are home after all—and get started! Next time you can finally go out again, you’ll blow everyone’s minds with your new Swing dancing skills or a few killer Salsa moves.

Play The Newlywed (or Nearlywed) Game

Battle for relationship supremacy by going head to head in a battle of who knows who better! (I’m kidding, don’t do that! Just have fun!) Take inspiration from The Newlywed Game tv show (even if you’re not married or have been married a long time) and stir up some friendly competition. Here are a few question ideas to get you started.

Have a Camp-In

Okay, so camping may actually be okay on the social distancing front, but it’s far from camping weather this time of year. Get the best of both worlds by setting up your own little indoor campsite. Lay out a blanket and some sleeping bags, light some candles, play some outdoor sounds on the stereo, and snuggle up for a scary movie! Bonus if you have ingredients for classic camping foods like hot dogs or ‘smores.


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