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Pasadena Same-Sex Couple Shoot: Victor & Nelson

Victor and Nelson are an adorable couple of newlyweds, so we met up for a fun love-themed shoot at Pasadena's City Hall.

Nelson and Victor actually designed these shirts themselves! How cute are they?!

These matching leather moto jackets were actually a surprise gift from Nelson to Victor on their wedding day. They were customized with the words "just married" on the back. I usually advise couples not to match too much when picking outfits for your photo shoot, but I'll consider these two the exception.

You're never too old for lollipops!

I love that they both wore different colorful rainbow socks and the same shoes, so I had to grab a close-up.

These guys had the best bond with each other. They were so natural together and clearly so at ease. It just shined through in every shot.


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