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Jesse & Kyle's Colorful, Disney-Inspired Wedding

These two adorable grooms incorporated their love of Disney into a wedding that perfectly fit their personalities.

When I saw these two in their suits, I was in awe! I mean, seriously, how fun are these? Kyle's maroon suit was DIYed with rose patches on the shoulders. Jesse rocked a gorgeous pink floral suit with hot pink details.

This isn't just a fairytale book, it's a ring box too!

I didn't know rainbow roses were a thing, but now that I do, I'm obsessed!

The wedding party wore all black, with Jesse's side donning converse in every shade of the rainbow—with bouquets to match!

Kyle's side of the party wore black florals and DIY appliquéd Vans.

I love a good happy cry!

Not gonna lie, these two had me bawling with their vows. So sweet!

Their wedding cake was half composed of famous Disney couples and half made into Disneyland's famous castle.

Each of their tables was themed for a Disney movie. The couple made all their centerpieces by hand!

And just to top it off, the grooms competed in their own completely choreographed dance-off with their wedding party. These guys know how to do a wedding right!




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