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Colorful Holi Powder Couple Shoot: Glennellen & Adrian

Glennellen and Adrian are the cutest couple! We met up for an incredibly fun shoot in the park. Don't let their white shirts fool you, things are about to get full on colorful!

They got to play with colored powders (commonly used to celebrate the festival of colors known as Holi). In most cases this powder is just colored corn starch, so it's safe and non-toxic (although it can still dye your clothes!).

I think the best sign that a couple is made for each other is if they can play together. You should always be with someone who brings out the kid in you and loves you at your goofiest.

As the sun was setting it was just glowing through the trees. I can't get enough of that gorgeous pre-sunset light. And in combination with this adorable pair? It's just that much more stunning!

PSST... If this looks fun to you, I have a stock of colored powders in my prop closet, which are available for no charge when you book your photoshoot!


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