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Valentine's Themed Photoshoot: Breena & Can

I love Valentine's Day! As a wedding photographer, you'd think that would be because my business is love. And to be fair, I do love adorable couples and cheering on their awesome relationships. But that's not why I think Valentine's Day is so great.


So why do I love Valentine's Day? Two things: bright colors and sweets! What other day can you deck everything out in red and pink and have people give you candy and desserts? Okay, maybe on your wedding day, but maybe that's why I love weddings too.

So today I'm sharing a shoot inspired by all the things I love most about Valentine's Day, starring a super-adorable couple (Can and Breena), iced heart cookies, and—for good measure—giant red balloons!

Bow ties are so in fashion right now and I am here for it.

No color has quite as much impact as red!

How cute are these neon signs? It's as if they knew we were doing a Valentine's-themed shoot and just wanted to help out. Thanks for the assist!

And what Valentine's Day shoot would be complete without a mini coffee date and—of course—dessert!


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