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34 Things to Pack in Your Wedding Emergency Kit

There are a lot of little things that can go wrong on your wedding day. As a wedding photographer, I always carry around an emergency kit to help out with some of the most common mishaps.

I bring this kit with me because I see the behind-the-scenes stuff at weddings that most people don't. It's not all glamour and tulle! Here are a few common problems to watch out for:

1. Clothing Issues

The dress doesn't fit, the zipper is stuck, or something gets ripped, torn, or stained. Keep items like a sewing kit, bobby pins, clear nail polish, and safety pins for quick fix-ups. A detergent pen can help clean stains while a quick rub with a piece of chalk can help mask them on white fabrics.

2. Beauty Mishaps

The key here is to be touch-up ready. Keep a mini makeup kit on hand (not pictured) with blotting papers for sweat and oil. Bring along your nail polish for accidental chips. Also pack a nail file, tweezers, nail clippers, floss, and Q-tips, which are multi-use wonders. And keep anti-redness eyedrops on hand for red eyes and to reduce the redness of unexpected blemishes.

3. Sudden Illness

Sometimes the stars don't quite align as you'd like and you (or a member of your wedding party) will come down with a cold, trip and fall into a rosebush, or get a bad headache moments before walking down the aisle. Bring ibuprofen, tissues, and band-aids for these unexpected oops moments. Bonus points for bringing cough drops, liquid bandages, and anti-itch lotion just in case.


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