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Tina and Lee's Gorgeous Harvest-Inspired Pagan Wedding

Tina and Lee united in a pagan handfasting ceremony with Renaissance vibes and lots of handmade personal touches.

The only thing better than a colorful wedding dress is colorful hair to match! These two brought their love of old-world style and fantasy together with classic pagan traditions for a beautiful wedding that was uniquely them.

The bride put together all the decor herself with a mix of Etsy and DIY.

Their altar included traditional pagan symbols of nature, fertility, and connection. It also held items that would be used for the ceremony, like a broom (which they would later use for a jumping of the broom), a chalice, and athamé.

The athamé, a small ceremonial sword, represents the God and the chalice, a goblet or glass, represents the Goddess. The combination of the two represents their union and the wholeness of creation.

Tina and Lee had a handfasting, a ceremony that involves the tying together of their hands by a special cord, signifying that they are bonded to each other. Fabrics, colors, and symbols in the cord are all chosen carefully to represent the couple and their wishes for their marriage.

After their hands were "fasted", Tina and Lee walked around their ceremony space together. Guests were given sachets of flowers and lavender to throw at the couple's feet as they walked.

The property featured an interesting gate that plays with your eyes a bit. It's not just you, those lines are not straight!

How gorgeous is this bouquet?



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