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Cozy Home Engagement Shoot: Sam & Jason

My favorite part of photographing couples is capturing those funny, sincere, honest moments where you see exactly what makes them work. What's really cool about in-home engagement sessions is that right away you get to those moments. It's a real window into two people's lives together. Sam and Jason have built an absolutely gorgeous home together with their dashing pup George. Their style shows in all kinds of unique design details, starting with their colorful welcome mat that greets you at the front door.

George was so determined to be my assistant! Every time I turned to look at him, he was eager to get back in the shot! Who can say no to that face??

Loving their matching oxfords!

Don't you just love these cute 'his and hers' prints over their bed?

Seems like a good time for a pillow fight!

And of course, no family portrait is complete without the whole gang in their formalwear! (Careful, George, you're stealing the show!)

I love how some couples can't help but smile when they look at each other. Every time these two would lock eyes their smiles would just appear.

Look how well the orange in Sam's dress matches their door color!

If you're thinking about including your dog in your engagement session, you should do it! (And that' not just a ploy so I can play with your puppy... Okay, that's part of it... but the photos will also be adorable!)


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