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El Matador Beach Maternity Photos

Kristen and Chris celebrated their growing family with a photoshoot among the gorgeous cliffs of El Matador Beach.

Sometimes I don't know how I get so lucky. My job is to photograph beautiful human beings in beautiful places and celebrate the love and extraordinary moments in their lives. That may be corny—heck, it's definitely corny—but it's really true. I loved working with Kristen and Chris (whose little one was almost due!). They clearly have so much fun with each other and their vibe is contagious.

I suggested Kristen dip her toes in the water and walk along the edge. I love that she was game for it because the photos came out like a dream. *sigh*

I always recommend shooting around what photographers call 'Golden Hour', which is about an hour before sunset. The reason is this dreamy, warm, romantic light that makes everything extra-stunning.

El Matador is one of those classic LA photo spots because of its dramatic cliffs and rock formations. On any given day, you'll see several photoshoots taking place there, but it's easy enough to work around other groups.

There's a relatively steep staircase down to the beach (which isn't ideal for pregnant people and unfortunately isn't accessible for everyone) but if it's something you can do, the beauty of the spot is worth the trek.

Chris and Kristen both wore their Converse (comfy feet FTW!). And I love that they brought along a tiny pair for their new addition!

Kristen mentioned to me at the beginning of our shoot that if we get one good photo, she'd consider the shoot a success. I knew that wasn't going to be a problem, because look at this girl: she's stunning!

It's always awesome when clients trust you and let you get a little creative, even if that means some (literal) cold feet. These shots of them with their toes in the water are some of my all-time favorites.



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