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Edgy Autumn Forest Engagement Shoot in Brookside Park

Tommy and Natalie brought some goth vibes to their fall engagement shoot in Pasadena.

Despite the super hot Los Angeles weather right now, I'm still getting in the fall mood, so it seems like the perfect time to share this gorgeous engagement shoot. I love when couples bring a little punk rock edge into their photoshoots, especially when it's combined with glam outfits. Tommy and Natalie nailed their edgy, dark, forest engagement shoot with their killer black outfits paired with Natalie's braided mohawk-inspired hairstyle and high-top black converse.

This dress was stunning! Depending on the light it would seemingly change color from purple to black to gray. Plus the scoop back and mermaid cut are ultra-flattering.

Natalie's awesome braided mohawk was courtesy of Helena of Hair of the Bride.

Look how gorgeous this ring is! It was so sparkly in person.

In this area of forest there are some really cool ruins left behind from some older building. I have tried without success to figure out where these came from. Regardless, it just added to the slightly spooky gothic ambiance that was already going on.

Maybe some day there will come a time where I'm not totally head over heals for the look of Converse with a formal gown. Today is not that day. I AM DYING OVER THIS GORGEOUSNESS!



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